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The City of North Port is what I call the little sister of Sarasota. It is located in southern Sarasota County and consists of about 105 square miles and holds a population of approximately 58,000. I have seen it develop over the years with a careful, well thought out process and blossom into a beautiful community, much like Sarasota itself. The main roads coming off the interstate exits at Sumter Blvd and Toledo Blade Blvd welcome visitors and those coming back home with beautiful signage, tree lined streets, statues with water fountains in small lakes, bike paths and walking trails, with the various neighborhoods branching off them. There are a lot of new commercial businesses that have come into the area as of recent, so they must have done their homework on good things yet to come for the city. There are gated golf course communities like Heron Cree k, Bobcat Trail, and Sabal Trace. The Jockey Club, which was an affordable General Development Corporation built community started in the 1970s with sidewalks, a community recreation building, and swimming pool for the residents. Warm Mineral Springs started being used as a spa in the 1960s and drew people from all around to bathe in its constantly warm 87 degree temperatures and for the mineral benefits they felt it had on their bodies. Many people made this area their home to be nearer to this rich natural resource. There has been a large supply of vacant buildable lots for many years throughout most of North Port, of which many were built on during the boom time of 2003-2008. Investors flocked into the area and bought into it with the intent to get in on the flipping for investment dollars and ended up walking away from them in the downturn of the economy that followed, thus creating a flux of distressed properties. We’ve resold a lot of this inventory, but there are a lot of good buys still today in the area for newer construction at lower price points. A search can be set up to show you what is available.

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